4th Computer Art Congress

NANO - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

September 1, 2014 – September 3, 2014

We hereby present the CAC.4 - 4th International Congress on Computer Art: Compute At & Design for All.  The first edition of the congress was held in 2002 in Paris (France ) , headquartered at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in pareria with the Cercle d' Art et d' Espace Numérique , and production Europia Productions . Was organized by Zhaldoun Zreik and the late Bernard Caillaud pioneer in Computational Art . The second edition took place in 2008 , at the age of Mexico , hosted by Technologico in Monterrey Campus Toluca and Mexico State Campus , in partnership with Laboratoire Paragraphe , and the University of Paris 8 , also produced by Europia Productions in Paris . Were responsible for the event in Mexico Fernando Gutierrez , Adriana FACHA Madrigal , both of ITESM Campus Estado de Mexico , and Everardo Reyes García , ITESM Campus Toluca . The third edition was again held in Paris last year (2012 ), based cultural center Le Centrequatre with the following partnerships : Europia Productions , Laboratoire Paragraphe , University of Paris 8 , Ile de France , Le CUBE , CITU , digital Art International Universitat Oberta de Catalunya , Design and Research Foundation . Was coordinated by Zhaldoun Zreik and Robin Gareus . General Information on http://postdigital.eu/about email address .
CAC4 will be held from 1-3 September 2014, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ (www.ufrj.br), in partnership with Europia Productions, Laboratoire Paragraphe, University of Paris 8, and executive support of the Nucleus for Art and New Organisms - NANO. It will consist of lectures, roundtables, workshops, posters and artistic presentations . Details can be found on the event website cac4.eba.ufrj.br .

Conference Information